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Buck Brannaman Saddle

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Buck Brannaman Saddle

Saddle made for Buck Brannaman by Kent Frecker. This was the saddle I finally got right. I sent several saddles for him to try and make changes. This one he liked and that started the "Buck Brannaman" saddles by Kent Frecker. That was in 1998.

Buck Brannaman Saddle

This was a saddle Buck ordered just to rough up. It has the same tree as the one above.

Buck and Mary Brannaman Saddle

½ size saddle made for Buck and Mary Brannaman

Newest Buck Brannaman Saddle

This is the newest saddle Kent made for Buck in 2013. It has Hamley Hangers in it. Buck said out of all his saddles, this one is now his favorite.

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