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 2017 Events and Clinics

Here is a list of all the clinics and events that Frecker's Saddlery will be at this year! Be sure to check in for changes and updates, we will be adding throught the year!




Febuary 20 - Bozeman, MT
Buck Brannaman Horsemanship Clinis
   We will not be there with full display, but can fit horses for
       saddles and bring items requested ahead of time. 
Event Info:










March 3-5 - Fort Worth, Tx
A Legacy of Legends
Event Info:













April 7-8 - Bozeman, Mt
MSU Colt Sale
 We will not be there with a full display, but can fit horses
for a saddle & bring items if requested ahead of time. 
Event Info: 















July 14-16 Ellensburg, Washington
Buck Brannaman
Horsemanship 1 (9:00 am) & Ranch Roping (1:30 pm)

Sponsor: Trent and Julie Marquis 
Phone: 509-728-3190 


July 21-23 Whitehall, Montana 
Kip Fladland
Sponsor: Chad Hoover
Phone: 406-490-6864


July 28-30 - Bozeman, Mt
Buck Brannaman
Foundation Horsemanship & Horsemanship 2
 We will be here Friday 28th and Saturday 29th only. 
Event Info




September 29-October 1 - Dillon, Mt
Richy Quinn Clinic
Horsemanship1 and Ranch Roping
Event Info
: Jessie Jo Johnson 402-322-1563











October 20-22 - Santa Ynez, Ca
Wrangler/Brannaman Pro Am-Vequero Roping
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