3/4 Tooled Saddles

Dream catcher and feather saddle, made by Kent, Tyler, and Karsten Frecker.
¾ Tooled homestead daisy with swivel knife border and antique finish. Made by Kent Frecker
¾ Tooled Ray Hunt Wade with daisy tooling and swivel knife border. Made by David Rigby
¾ Tooled Wade Mixed Floral Tooling and Swivel Knife Border with Antique finish. Made by David Rigby
15 ½" Wade, ¾ Tooled , Dogwood, Ivy and Oak Leaf, 4 ½" Guadalajara Horn, 4 ½" Cantle, Stainless Steel Hardware 5" Stirrups. Made by Kent Frecker
3/4 Tooled Homestead made by Tyler Frecker
3/4 Tooled Custom Saddle made by Kent Frecker
3/4 Tooled Saddle made by Tyler Frecker
3/4 Tooled saddle made by Tyler Frecker
3/4 Tooled saddle made by Tyler Frecker
3/4 Tooled saddle made by David Rigby
3/4 Tooled wild rose saddle
Prairie Rose Made by Karsten Frecker
Oak leaf, dogwood and prairie rose tooling with swivel knife border made by David Rigby
Saddle made for Peter Overly by Kent Frecker
Small Prarie Rose Made by Kent Frecker
Wildlife and Mixed Floral by Tyler Frecker
Everything tooled by the seat and beavertail bucking rolls Made by David Rigby
Exposed stirrup leathers and tapederos with a meander border.
Mixed Floral with a Carlos border. Made by Tyler Frecker
All Swirls and accented with latigo. Made by David Rigby
3/4 Daffodil
Daisy Clusters and a rope border. Made for Paul Dietz by Kent Frecker
Mixed Floral clusters with antlers. Made by Tyler Frecker

Frecker's Saddlery
125 W Bannack
Dillon, Montana 59725