Pommel Bags
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Pommel Bags

Pommel Bags

Made to order only. to insure quality made product Please allow three weeks from order date for product to be shipped.

Sizes Available Are : 9"x9" and 7x7" Round

7x7 Plain $ 250.00
7x7 Border Stamped: $300.00
7x7 Flap Stamped: $300.00
7x7 Flap Mixed: $325.00
7x7 Stamped: $400.00
7x7 Full Mixed: $430.00
7x7 Full Mixed: $430.00
7x7 Flap Tooled: $450.00
7x7 Full Tooled: $800.00

9x9 Plain:$350.00
9x9 Flap Mixed: $365.00
9x9 Border Stamped : $400.00
9x9 Flap Stamped: $400.00
9x9 Stamped: $525.00
9x9 Full Mixed: $535.00
9x9 Flap Tooled: $650.00
9x9 Full Tooled$1200.00
Price: Coming Soon


Frecker's Saddlery
125 W Bannack
Dillon, Montana 59725