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Reata Brannaman Saddle

These saddles were made for Reata Brannaman by Kent Frecker

Reata Brannaman Saddle

½ tooled daffodil flower. Kent made this for her when she was 9 years old. She is 20 now and still loves to ride it. We have made the stirrups longer.

Reata Brannaman Saddle

½ tooled California poppy. This was made for Reata at 14 years old. Kent made it especially for her as she competed for the last time in the Californios Ranch Roping.

Ladies Saddle tested by Reata Brannaman

This is a specially designed "Lady's saddle" that Reata has helped Kent in testing to get it right. It is built to fit a woman's anatomy and is lighter weight.

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