Saddle Maker - Kent Frecker

Ricky Quinn Clinic


September 29 - October 1 
Dillon, MT
    Horsemanship 1 and Ranch Roping

  • We will start the morning with the Horsemanship 1 Clinic, which will run until noon or One O’clock depending on horses and students. 
  • After a brief dinner break we will go right into the Ranch Roping Clinic.
    There will be a limit on students for this class to allow Ricky the time with each student and horse as needed.
    This is a great class for all levels of roping, including those who want to get started with roping.

  • Riders can choose to ride in just one or both classes. Each class is $450 or both for $850.
  • We require a $100 deposit for the clinic and all entries must be paid in full by August 1, 2017.  

Contact: Jessie Jo Johnson - 402.322.1563 - 

Feel free to Contact Jessie with any questions.
More Details on boarding and hoteling will be posted
as we confirtm them.

Kent will be Available to Fit Horses, but please let us know in advanced.  





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