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The Wade Saddle

The Wade Saddle

This is the traditional Tom Dorrance Style Wade, built in a time honored fashion. 
We can build this saddle with your Choice of Horn, and Cantle size. Stirrups can also me customized to the size you like. 
Flat Plate Rigging is the Standard we put in the Wade saddle, but can be Brass or Stainless Steel.
The Gullet measurement and Bar angles can be changed based on your horses needs; We Recomend a 4x93 as a standared size for most horses today. 


If this is the Saddle and Tree Style you like, Make it your own by choosing the look you want from our selection of Tooling Options from the links below: 

Custom Tooling  Traditional Tooling Patterns  Untooled Saddles  Stamped Saddles


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