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"The Wade" Roughout Saddle

"The Wade"

This is the traditional Tom Dorrance Style Wade, built in a time honored fashion. This saddle has a 4½" Guadalajara horn, 4" oval cantle, flat plate rigging, and 4 or 5" Monel stirrups. The gullet is on a 90° bar angle 4" apart which fits a large variety of horses. Available with 13-16½" seat length with stirrup lengths according to your inseam. This saddle weighs approximately 40-45 pounds and is available with stainless steel or solid brass hardware.

"The Wade" Roughout (Full View)

Plain Smooth or Roughout: $4,400

"The Wade" Half Breed (Full View)

Half Breed Tooled: $6,000
(Tooled cantle binding $150 extra)

"The Wade" Half Breed Basket (Full View)

Half Breed Basket Tooled: $5,800

Pictures coming soon!

Quarter Breed Tooled: $5,200

Pictures coming soon!

Quarter Breed Stamped: $4,700

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