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Ray Hunt Half Breed Saddle

The Ray Hunt Saddle

This saddle is a tribute to the great horseman Ray Hunt and master saddlemaker Dale Harwood. This saddle is on a modified Wade tree made by Kent Frecker. The front has a slightly narrower stock, giving it less lip in front of the horn. It has a 4" finished Guadalajara horn, an oval 3½" high cantle, and a Cheyenne roll that tapers from 1¼" across the top to 1½" at the outside. It also includes stainless steel flat plate or inskirt rigging and 4" or 5" stainless steel stirrups. The tree is available in 90° or 93° with seat sizes from 14-16½" and a stirrup length to match your inseam.

A portion of all proceeds from Ray Hunt saddles goes towards A Legacy of Legends.

Pictures coming soon!

Roughout: $4,800.00

Ray Hunt Half Breed (Full View)Ray Hunt Half Breed (Close-up View)

Half Breed: $6,600.00

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