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Frecker's Western Saddles
Full Tooled Frecker's Saddlery Saddle
made for Buck Brannaman.

Welcome to Frecker's Saddlery website, I hope you find it informational. I started this site as a place for customers to see pictures of our work. Over the years, we have added more information that will help you understand more about what we do. I am still working on more information, pictures, and videos for the website, so return often for updates.

I will try to provide answers to frequently asked questions; if you have a question that has not been answered, please send me an email, or join us on Frecker's Saddlery Facebook page. I'll do my best to provide an answer. I have been very fortunate to have rubbed shoulders with some great people over the years, and look forward to meeting more of you.

Thank for dropping by, and happy trails,
Kent Frecker

Buck Brannaman Saddle

Buck Brannaman Saddles

Buck Brannaman Lite Saddles

Buck Brannaman Lite Saddles

Ray Hunt Saddles

Ray Hunt Saddles

Buckaroo Saddles

Buckaroo Saddles

&quotThe Wade"

"The Wade" Saddles

Lighter-weight Wade Saddles

Lighter-Weight Wade Saddles

Full Hamley Daisy Wade

Full Hamley Daisy Saddles

Custom Saddles / Full Tooled

Custom Saddles

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