About Frecker's Saddlery


Kent and Pam Frecker

Kent Frecker

Kent started in the saddle business in Oct. 1981, at Smith & Edwards Co., and have been self-employed since April of 1990. He worked with Dale Harwood making the "Ray Hunt" saddles for a year. Dale has  probably made the greatest influence in his saddle making, and he is grateful for his help. Others who have influenced on his work are Bob Ray and Randy Hansen.

It has been his honor to have made several saddles for Buck & Mary Brannaman, Shayne Jackson, Dave Gamble, Kip Fladland, Ray & Carolyn Hunt, Curt & Tammy Pate, Roland & Robin Moore, Tom & Jillie Selleck, and many more. He sent saddles all across the United States Alaska to Hawaii, Canada, Austria, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Germany, England, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Japan, France, Spain, Belgium, Africa, and Brazil.

Sadly, Kent passed away in May of 2021 but his legacy lives on.

Pam Frecker

Kent and Pam Frecker have raised four kids together and they have turned out to be great adults, and twelve grandchildren.Pam works part-time at the shop doing lead rope, strap goods, and hay aprons.

Karsten Frecker

Karsten Frecker

Karsten is Kent's youngest son; He is living the legacy of his father. He bought Frecker's Saddlery in 2021, in Dillon Montana. His dad has been his best friend his whole life. Ever since he was a kid he would hang out with him in the shop everyday until the day he could do more and help his dad. Karsten has been working in the shop for years. He started apprenticing with his dad making saddles in 2011, and is excelling in this trade, sending saddles all over the world as well. He is very knowledgeable about western equipment and can help you with your question and needs. Karsten is married to Jolly and have two beautiful girls..


Jolly Ann Frecker

Leann Frecker

Jolly Ann Is married to Karsten and is orginially from the Philippines. She keeps busy in the shop making a variety of tack.She does most of the custom tooling like breast collar,headstall,water bottle holder and cellphone case.She also makes custom paracord mecates with tooled poppers..She is incharge of the Frecker's website all up to date.They have two beautiful daughters named Pearl and Ruby.

Tyler Frecker

Tyler Frecker

Tyler is Kent's son, and has been working with leather most of his life making chaps, belts, saddle bags, and bucking rolls. Tyler is an excellent saddle maker; he started making saddles for his dad in 2003 and does most of the wildlife carvings in the shop.Tyler is also the tree maker for Frecker's Saddlery. He has three beautiful children Andrew,Eli and Zsophie.


Emily Rix

Emily Frecker

Emily is Kent's daughter and is married to Porter Rix. Emily has been doing tack for years, and she enjoys working with leather and turns out a great finished product. Emily also keeps the store neat, clean and orderly. She has two beautiful kids Olivia and Orin.







Each custom saddle is stamped with the saddle maker's name on it. We take pride in our work and put our name on it to prove it.

Frecker's Saddlery
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