How to Order Your Saddle


Once you have decided to order a Frecker’s Saddlery saddle the first step is to call us and place a $1,000 Deposit. At this time you do not need to know exactly what you are wanting. A Saddle maker will go through the worksheet and answer what you can at that time. 

Once your saddle is next up, which is usually 6 months from the time you place a deposit, we require the saddle to be paid in full and all of the specs for the tree and saddle to be finalized.  

We have designed our website to provide all the information needed for choosing a saddle design that fits you.  

There is a lot that goes into picking a saddle, and that is why we take all of our saddle orders over the phone. We walk each customer through the worksheet, to ensure we know the needs of the rider and horse(s).  

call us at 406-683-4452 to save your Spot!

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